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Wind Mill Components

We have good experience in machining & painting of wind mill components with good quality like HUB, Main Frame, Bearing Housing& Blade lifting tool. We achieved good production planning ,R&D for cycle time reduction .



High precision multi axis CNC machine facilitates finishing of jobs in one single operation ,reduces the handling damages of parts & to achieve all geometrical tolerances.

We machine component upto 4metres of height and length up to 11 metres, we achieved the long boring operation with special tools and with our 360deg.

Rotary table we can minmize the number of settings.

We have invested 8 millions for international standards of cutting tools.


Drilling Facility

We have radial drilling machine with massive and rigid construction. Ergonomically grouped controls for operating convenience. Light centering of spindle with precise depth release. Shock-free engagement of taps through clutch and spindle reverse for withdrawal.


Heavy Fabrication

Our heavy fabrication facility fulfill the customer requirements with machineries of inverter DC MIG welding machine capacity of 65- 600 AMPS & Welding rectifier with capacity of 80-600 AMPS


Surface Treatment

We have a complete solutions for mechanical surface treatments with modern metalizing,blasting & painting booths (6mx6mx6m).

In Painting we developed with a new airless spraying technique where the paint can be sprayed with very little thinner added, thereby reducing drying time and decreasing the release of solvent into the environment.


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